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The Princess Guide to Being a Cat is part of the official Princess Guide to Life series, aimed at smart, sassy and stylish women (and fabulous men).


Available as a FREE ebook from the following retailers: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes/iBookstore, and Scribd.


The signature book in The Princess Guide to Life series!


This new release is available in E-book and paperback from all good bookstores.



Everybody has the wrong idea about Princesses. Sure, we dress like superstars and rarely have to buy our own drinks, but we're not divas. (Life's too short to throw a tantrum because a barista spelled your name wrong.)


In this entertaining and insightful book, Rosie Blythe offers a fresh perspective on what it means to be a powerful woman in the 21st century. Discover the intriguing secrets of the Princess life:


  • How to dress for maximum impact – and why stylists get it wrong

  • 6 types of toxic people and the surprising strategies you can use to deal with them

  • How to make Valentine's Day amazing when you're single

  • Budgeting so you can afford the wardrobe of your dreams

  • How to use celebrity tricks to create a sexy aura of mystery and avoid answering questions you hate

  • Why dependence on your phone is sabotaging your friendships

  • How to make your home look stunning and feel inviting (even when it's smaller than your cubicle at work)

  • What nobody ever tells you about getting ahead in your career

  • How to get what you want while convincing everyone you're adorable...


Packed full of smart (and sneaky) tips and clear, practical advice, this is the ultimate guide to living life beautifully... graciously... joyfully.... like a Princess.



If you've ever envied your cat's effortless grace, slinky walk and power to command a room, this is the book for you.


Rosie Blythe (author of forthcoming self-help manual The Princess Guide to Life) reveals how being a Princess is a lot like being a cat; it's all about quiet determination, intoxicating eye contact, and enjoying each moment as it comes.


Feisty moggies have long been noted for their independence, mysteriousness and self-possessed  cool. By following their poised and purry example, we Princesses will discover:


  • The importance of rejecting anything which doesn't meet our high standards (contemptuous sniff optional)

  • How a little mischief can liven up your workplace

  • The art of dealing with failure (an inevitable side effect of making bold leaps of faith)

  • Why trusting your instincts is essential

  • The secrets of kittenish flirting


Attitude is everything, and channelling your inner feline is a sneaky shortcut to feeling more confident, chic and sensuous.


So follow the red laser light of your dreams, relish every mealtime and allow the wisdom of our fluffy overlords to inspire you to a life of curiosity, playfulness and magic.


And if anyone tries to feed you drugs, give them hell.



© 2014 Hallsworth Press LTD

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